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Mythic: Fallen Avatar

Talz <19/09/17 02.22> 0 comments
Obviously we were held back by a lack of gear...

Mythic: Maiden of Vigilance

Talz <01/08/17 22.37> 2 comments
Wasn't too bad once we pulled ourselves together and got to grips with the mechanics

Mythic: Mistress Sassz'ine

Talz <18/07/17 23.11> 1 comments
Wiped a lot more on this one than we expected, with tempers provoked by a number of low % attempts.

Hopefully Maiden won't be as bad, and then we can cry over the Avatar wall...

Mythic: Desolate Host

Talz <05/07/17 00.19> 1 comments
Week 1 - 5/9

We managed to get Desolate Host down before the rest.. Took more wipes than I'd have liked, but we got it in the end.

Mythic: Sisters of the Moon

Talz <04/07/17 00.11> 1 comments
Great first night, downing 4 bosses in under 4 hours. Hoping to pick up that Desolate Host kill tomorrow before the reset!

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