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fesusfistus > Peon (10) > 17/07/05 19:56
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Hey, i fancy buying a laptop. But im kind of noob when it come to laptops..
Does anyone have some good tips of what kind of machine or what it should have to game wow without problems?

Like what kind of 3d card etc..Razz ?

Very Happy
Harroguk > Peon (23) > 18/07/05 07:57
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Pretty much the only "Decent" graphics card you can get for laptops is the Radeon Mobility range. I would never advise anyone to buy a laptop unless you definitley have to travel alot with your computer.

Desktops are more powerful, more easily upgraded and cheaper (You get more power per £)

But if you have to have a laptop then the same goes as for desktops. Buy the best one you can afford. Make sure you have at least 1 GB of RAM, prefferably 2 GB.

A good gaming laptop to use a a guide is the Area-51 at

Hope this helps a little
Avenger > Peon (18) > 18/07/05 10:20
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Hey as far as this is concerned all my friends bought laptops this year and the only one who did not was me :/ Iwas kind of jealous at start but .... now that I see it more closely not even half a year later one of the laptops needs repair and the company does not agree that it is within the free repairing range and the other laptop is so weak it can not even play wow :/
valtrex online > Guest () > 18/07/05 10:32
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Krissam > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (604) > 18/07/05 14:44
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as harrog said, make sure they have a radeon

-mobility card
-intel centrino motherboard (those "centrino" cpu's as some people call them are just standard p4 mobile's it's some features in the motherboard that does the diffrence) to make sure you have wireless lan and plenty of power if you are without power ofr some time
-512++ megs of ram
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 18/07/05 15:34
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There are several perks to buying a laptop instead of a stationary computer.

You can look really cool when(/in fesus' case, if) you attend to lectures.

You can spoil yourself with a nice computer, but still tell other people and yourself that you need it for your studies.

Going on a lan will be alot easier.

Since most laptops got good batteries, you can study (read :watch pr0n and play games) just about everywhere. Bring it to bed (i know for a fact that krissam does this), to the dinner-table, and all the other places you have really wanted to "study" in the past.

Afraid that going out of the house might ruin your reputation as a secluded n3rd? With a laptop this wont be a problem, just bring your pc and voila, your reputation is intact.

The only negative sides about laptops are usually : small monitors, crappy sound, crappy keyboards, crappy hd-space, batteries that last far shorter then they said in the store, and crappy performance compared to the f***ing insane prices you have to pay for a good laptop.
supr > "I TRIED MY BEST" (219) > 18/07/05 20:05
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The only good thing about laptops is that u allways have p0rn Laughing
Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.
That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes!
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 18/07/05 21:04
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Its spelled pr0n u nub... Razz
Cyosis > GUILD MASTER (1337) > 18/07/05 21:35
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It's spelT nub :P
Krissam > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (604) > 18/07/05 23:06
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Cyosis wrote:
It's spelT nub Razz

pronounced cyosis
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 19/07/05 00:09
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Krissam wrote:
Cyosis wrote:
It's spelT nub Razz

pronounced cyosis

Haha, i knew danish was fucked up, but seriously...
fesusfistus > Peon (10) > 20/07/05 21:35
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Thanks for the tips ppl;)

Buying a decent laptop would indeed cost alot:|
Think im just gonna look around until i find something cheap.
All the ones with 1g ram+ or with good graf. card are insanly expencive:P

And yes darchon, i was going to use it to game @ lectures:P

Anyways thanks, I will keep looking around Shocked

- n3rd-

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