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Mythic: Odyn

Talz <05/12/16 23.53> 2 comments
Once we stopped gargling balls and getting speared, the boss died surprisingly quickly.

Now to get rekt by the Guarmwall


Mythic: Xavius

Talz <01/11/16 20.19> 2 comments
Emerald Nightmare cleared!

It's been a fun few weeks with a lot of roster changes. Time to enjoy a few easy raids before we have to do more progress.

Loot FTW is looking to be in a very strong position for the upcoming raid tiers.

Mythic: Cenarius

Talz <01/11/16 00.32> 1 comments
A frustrating experience, considering brambles are a difficult mechanic to handle.

Still, that's the toughest boss of the tier dead, putting us at 6/7.

Xavius should hopefully fall this week.

Mythic: Evil-Eye-Tree Boss

Talz <18/10/16 23.35> 6 comments
This was definitely a bit of a step up in difficulty from the first four bosses, but it finally fell over in the last few minutes of the raid week after a number of low % wipes.

Mythic: Dragons of Nightmare

Talz <12/10/16 00.45> 1 comments
Another raid another kill. Officially half way through the Emerald Nightmare!

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