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We are back 13/13 HC in 2 days!

Ravengaar <13/06/13 01.13> 9 comments

We are back in business: After a few months of playing in other guilds we've decided to give it another go. with a solid core now our plan is to start off raiding 10 man and eventually move back to raiding 25 man. Our aim is to reestablish Loot FTW as one of the top guilds in the world.

Since very early in vanilla WoW we have been at the very forefront of progression. On top of our 25 man achievements we have gathered valuable 10 man experience as well. During the first week of Dragon Soul Heroic modes we scored some top 10 and top 20 heroic kills (see http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Loot+FTW/rating.tier13_10).

In order to secure a top spot in the next progress race, we are looking to expand our roster. We have opened recruitment for 2 more very well-geared players (ilvl 540+), 1 tank (FULL TIME SPOT!!!) and 1 caster dps (pref. mage/ele shaman). Note: Exceptional applications from all classes/specs will be considered.

Unfortunately, our current ranking does not reflect our ambitions. If you want to play within a very tight-knit hardcore group of people, you don't mind wiping for hours and days and truly enjoy raiding at the highest level every day, Loot FTW is definitely the guild you should apply to.

Heroic: Mogu'shan Vaults

Cyosis <29/10/12 20.08> 10 comments

After struggling with Spirit Kings for a while we have now cleared Heroic: Mogu'shan Vaults.

Heroic: Madness

Cyosis <15/01/12 21.10> 9 comments

The end of a disappointing tier.

Heroic: Spine

Cyosis <11/01/12 02.12> 17 comments

After tethering Talz to Deathwing's back the third plate was finally pried off!

Admiral Obvious says: Kite until we pry the third plate off then we have him!

Heroic: Blackhorn

Cyosis <10/12/11 16.34> 14 comments

Blackhorn actually was a pretty hard fight, killing him just as he enraged.

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