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Mythic: Kil'Jaeden

Talz <10/10/17 23.34> 6 comments
This boss started off well, but then we realised we needed needed to gear up some rogues to stop shadow priests from falling off the edge... or something

Finally the end of a tricky tier. Plenty of lessons learned for Antorus and hopefully we can continue our upwards trend.

Mythic: Fallen Avatar

Talz <19/09/17 02.22> 0 comments
Obviously we were held back by a lack of gear...

Mythic: Maiden of Vigilance

Talz <01/08/17 22.37> 2 comments
Wasn't too bad once we pulled ourselves together and got to grips with the mechanics

Mythic: Mistress Sassz'ine

Talz <18/07/17 23.11> 1 comments
Wiped a lot more on this one than we expected, with tempers provoked by a number of low % attempts.

Hopefully Maiden won't be as bad, and then we can cry over the Avatar wall...

Mythic: Desolate Host

Talz <05/07/17 00.19> 1 comments
Week 1 - 5/9

We managed to get Desolate Host down before the rest.. Took more wipes than I'd have liked, but we got it in the end.

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