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Mythic: Star Augur Etraeus

Talz <22/03/17 20.36> 2 comments
Disappointing that Blizzard decided to nerf this boss so soon

Mythic: Tichondrius

Talz <28/02/17 21.05> 2 comments

Mythic: Spellblade Aluriel

Talz <21/02/17 22.45> 0 comments
Really excellent raids this week. Two new bosses down and work already underway on Tichondrius.

Spellblade especially feels well tuned and has some interesting mechanics.

Mythic: High Botanist Tel'arn

Talz <20/02/17 23.48> 0 comments
This one definitely should have died last week, but I think we were all disheartened after a 1% wipe.

You could say our focus "collapsed"

Hopefully we'll make up for lost ground on the next few bosses.

Mythic: Krosus

Halbarad <07/02/17 23.46> 2 comments
Luckily it wasn't a bridge too far....

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