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Mythic: Spellblade Aluriel

Talz <21/02/17 22.45> 0 comments
Really excellent raids this week. Two new bosses down and work already underway on Tichondrius.

Spellblade especially feels well tuned and has some interesting mechanics.

Mythic: High Botanist Tel'arn

Talz <20/02/17 23.48> 0 comments
This one definitely should have died last week, but I think we were all disheartened after a 1% wipe.

You could say our focus "collapsed"

Hopefully we'll make up for lost ground on the next few bosses.

Mythic: Krosus

Halbarad <07/02/17 23.46> 2 comments
Luckily it wasn't a bridge too far....

Heroic: Gul'dan

Talz <24/01/17 22.20> 2 comments
More like Gul'done...

am i rite?

Mythic: Helya

Talz <17/01/17 23.00> 4 comments
Our final raid before the Nighthold release and Helya falls.

When it was decided to reboot Loot FTW in Warlords, we had no idea how difficult it would be transitioning from a 5/6 night hardcore schedule to a 2-day raiding guild. We learned a hard lesson that, a lot of the time, killing bosses is a like monkeys writing Shakespeare – you just keep throwing things at the wall and eventually something will stick.

You also learn that your raid time is extremely valuable, and you’ve got to work really hard to make the most of it.

That experiment in WoD did not bring the success we had hoped it would, and many people envisaged that would be the end of Loot FTW's involvement in the WoW raiding scene.

Rebooting Loot FTW again in Legion was a difficult decision, and there were those who thought we couldn’t make it work. We would need an entirely new ethos and a lot of new members to support our old core, made all the trickier by having to recruit talented players into an inactive guild.

In many ways, Legion turned out to be exactly what I feared, a grind orientated progression that favours those with a lot of time on their hands. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and enjoy that time in Legion is rarely “wasted”, but the artefact grind and legendary system are incredibly time consuming and most of our raiders are at a point in their life where free time is scarce. Top end progression on a reduced raiding schedule is the core attraction that Loot offers long-time and returning players.

I occasionally wonder whether, should we have more time available to us, would it be just as effective to use it grinding mythic+ for gear and artefact power rather than sinking more pulls into the raid…

I’d like to think that our Helya kill says a lot about the guild. Emerald Nightmare was underwhelming in its complexity, and high ranking progression became more about brute force than skillful execution. Perhaps I’m being unfair, but when we finally reach a boss where the difficulty level reaches what we’ve come to expect of high end PvE we have managed to succeed where many “high-end” guilds have reached a brick wall – despite sinking a lot more pulls in to her. Our current world rank is the highest we’ve seen for a long time.

Conveniently, this brings me on to another point: it’s disappointing how quickly Blizzard are bringing out the nerf hammer these days. Knowing that your accomplishments are diminished when previous guilds have defeated a more difficult version of an encounter than you is an uncomfortable pill to swallow.

I’m not saying we would, or even could, have killed a pre-nerf Helya, but it would have been to have at least tried. We’ve been burned several times already in Legion by patches and hotfixes that have reduced the overall difficult of the current “road-block”. Cenarius in 7.1, Guarm with the 5% hp nerf and the major hits to ToV during Helya progress. I would like the original versions of the encounters to remain for longer to give guilds like us who take our time over them to experience the challenge, rather than pandering to guilds who raid 5 days a week but have decided to declare on the forums that a boss is “overtuned”

I would like to thank everyone who supported the guild and showed up to almost every raid over the last 4 months. We have cultivated a great atmosphere and it’s rewarding to see long time members and fresh blood getting on so well.

With luck, the end of this tier will be the motivation to enter Nighthold with a renewed energy and a focused mind.


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