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Mythic: Aggramar

Talz <24/01/18 18.53> 1 comments
10/11 - Just one boss left to go!

Mythic: Coven of Shivarra

Talz <03/01/18 12.54> 0 comments
Drajela thought this was a very hard boss but he is very happy that we managed to beat it and wants to congratulate everyone involved in the kill

Mythic: Varimathras

Talz <20/12/17 00.00> 1 comments
...And Kin'gorath!

Second reset and we're now up to 8/11. Really solid raid, and it feels like Coven won't take long for us to crack either.

Tricky few weeks coming up with the Christmas holidays, but we'll try to keep it up with our progress one way or another.

6/11 First Reset of Antorus Mythic

Talz <12/12/17 23.59> 1 comments
We've had a great first week, downing 6 bosses in 2 nights.

We also made some fast progress on Kin'gorath, so hopefully it won't be long before he falls too.

Mythic: Kil'Jaeden

Talz <10/10/17 23.34> 6 comments
This boss started off well, but then we realised we needed needed to gear up some rogues to stop shadow priests from falling off the edge... or something

Finally the end of a tricky tier. Plenty of lessons learned for Antorus and hopefully we can continue our upwards trend.

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