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nazrm > Frequenter (480) > 14/06/10 11:52
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/script n="AchievementStatButton_OnClick" if _G[n] then hooksecurefunc(n,function(s)ChatFrameEditBox:SetText(string.format("%s: %s",s:GetText(),s.value:GetText():gsub("\124T.-\-(.).-\124t",string.lower)))ChatFrameEditBox:Show()end)end

Put that in a macro, put it on a bar, click it. Open achievement statistic frame, click any stat and it gets posted to chat. Exceptionally useful !

23:32 Adnade- Naxx for me was like, the best instance ever.
23:32 Adnade- Especially c'thun
Grunge > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (551) > 07/09/10 05:36
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Fans glory to the Gladiators,
Gods glory to the Heroes.

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