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Lionsdale > Peon (4) > 25/09/09 12:45
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Yeah hi, im Lionsdale.. i play a warrior on Twilight's Hammer ( ally side ofc, yeey) ,
Yeah anyway.. I always check the site everyday for new vids from Konflict, after watching so many i started to wanting to make videos of my guilds raid myself.
So i was wondering what video recording program ( to tape the record the vids in WoW) , animation program ( to design example Anub Arak in your last vid) and what Program you are using to add special effects and such to the movie and add it to the Site.
Would be just lovely to get an answer, so i can start at least trying to make some vids myself Smile
Konflict > TROLL (1504) > 25/09/09 15:09
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Hi Lionsdale.

The recording program i use is Fraps. You can find it at You can choose to record it wtih sounds or without and you press a button to start and stop recording.

Regarding the animation program, I use a mixture of Wow Model Viewer and Fraps. You can find Wow Model Viewer at and I record the footage and animations i want to use in the film using Fraps as I would as if I was recording normal in-game action.

To add special effects and such I use Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and we have our own FTP to store files on where the videos are located to be downloaded or streamed.

Hope this anwers your questions. If you have any more feel free to post.

Lionsdale > Peon (4) > 25/09/09 16:59
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I downloaded modelview and got a bit more known to it, But.. is it possible to make the file not a CHT file? Becuase my computer wont let me open the current saved file in any program..
And would you reccoment any other video effect program besides Vegas Pro?
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 25/09/09 17:08
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You can try windows movie maker. It's a pretty basic program, but I think it does what you need.
Konflict > TROLL (1504) > 25/09/09 17:21
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If you use the modelviewer like I suggested where you use fraps to film the animation you want, it comes out as a .avi instead of a CHT file.
Lionsdale > Peon (4) > 25/09/09 17:24
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Thx alot, im using Windows Movie Maker as u said Darchon.. much easier and i am a bit familiar with it.
as with the Modelviewer, thx to u to Koonflict, working now, just cant wait now Smile
Lionsdale > Peon (4) > 26/09/09 12:11
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Just another quick one.. in ur Anub'Arak movie.. what Zoom addon are u using? To get the grey Frame?
Konflict > TROLL (1504) > 26/09/09 22:39
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The grey frame is nothing to do with any zoom. It's an addon called Skinner.

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