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Chasy > WANNABE TROLL (1482) > 31/08/08 13:47
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Since WAU is pretty rubbish at the moment and refuses to sync with the WowAce SVN, all mods being downloaded via this program are horribly outdated.

I came across something called WowMatrix a while ago. It works pretty much like WAU, but it fetches data from all major UI sites (WowAce, WowInterface etc.).
Tried a couple of days now and it works pretty well. It does have adds, its not as neat as WAU and some mods are not being show, but its alot better than manually grabbing mods off the WoWAce SVN.
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Deaden > Frequenter (469) > 31/08/08 13:59
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Approving this,using it since 2 months now and it works flawlessly,it is slower abit but who cares.

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Akron > TROLL (1560) > 31/08/08 15:14
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same, been using it for ages, it rapes wau
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Tristanian > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (528) > 04/09/08 17:32
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WAU is being discontinued due to WoWAce being "moved" to CurseForge.

Official post by Kaelten here :

And for those that can't be arsed to click the link above :

" and WAU and their popularity has come as a surprise to us all. As it currently stands pushes out an incredible amount of addon updates. In an average month we're talking about more than thirty terabytes of data! In a busy month clearing sixty is no problem, and I don't even want to talk about what happens on major patch days. While this has indeed been very amazing, it has been a mixed blessing. The ads on the files homepage and inside of WAU have been an attempt to offset the costs. They have failed.

Unfortunately, these cold realities have forced me to make some hard decisions in relation to these features. will be discontinued, in its place we'll be using the same syndication framework as CurseForge.

In addition, WAU will, for the time being, be discontinued as well as it won't be receiving any new content. In the immediate, however, WowAce's content will be available via the new Curse Client that is in development. The new client will be a great departure from the current one, and I'm glad to say I'm in a position to influence its future development, and I will continue to use this influence to push for the features that you, the community, want to see.

As far as the timing of what I've outlined here, it's not going to be immediate. I'm looking at rolling out the new site towards the middle of August. I'll, of course, be announcing the exact date once we get a little bit closer to the big day.

I know that this will be taken differently by all of you, and I'm sure that there are many questions. This is a major change, but I for one am excited. Because of the common software used on both WowAce and CurseForge I will be in a position to develop features and fix issues on WowAce fulltime. This will be the first time that I'll have been able to commit that level of effort towards the site.

In the meantime, myself, and some of the others leaders here will be answering some questions, however, we're going to host a few irc chats on monday to answer more questions. The first will be at 12pm CST (7pm CEST), the second will be at 7pm CST (2am CEST), these times are meant to allow anyone who's interested attend. The chats will be held in a temporary chat room, #wowace-upgrade, on freenode, and logs will be posted in the forums. During this chat we'll be answering questions about the software rollout. In addition, we'll also be discussing or answering questions regarding some future plans including a joint AuthorRewards program."
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