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snapcase > Peon (5) > 11/04/08 15:13
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Copy/paste from a friend, thought I'd share it as i find it useful.

First of all u will need the addon Chronos which is basicly yes, time - u need this addon to time anything in macroes really -

and then here is the macro that i use:

/p Using Drums of Battle
/use Drums of Battle
/in 25 /p My Drums will run out in 5 secs
/in 115 /p My drums will be ready in 5 secs

basicly what it does is if u install chronos and u type :

/in 5 /p hello

it will basicly wait 5 secs and then say hello in party chat, so reason for 115 in the macro is only cuz of seconds, which means 1 min 55 secs = 5 secs to drums ready again
Rick > Frequenter (330) > 04/05/08 23:37
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