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Chasy > WANNABE TROLL (1482) > 15/06/07 02:26
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So I decided to this time really put an effort into my UI, and make it really clean, minimalistic, but also quite functional.

The result is a mix of eye-candy and some handy features.

A small preview before I finalize it and put it up for everyone elese:

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Retired gnome
Chasy > WANNABE TROLL (1482) > 15/06/07 02:40
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Added something for the DPS-classes a well, a simple, but effective notification in case you get aggro:
Retired gnome
Mar > WANNABE TROLL (1414) > 15/06/07 03:12
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You forget one thing: Rock crushes scissors. But paper covers rock... and scissors cuts paper...
Kiff, we have a conundrum. Search them for paper... and bring me a rock.
-- Zapp Brannigan
Joppis > "I TRIED MY BEST" (51) > 15/06/07 08:11
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Raiding is hard, sometimes there is fire. You have to not be in the fire!!
Akron > TROLL (1560) > 15/06/07 10:20
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As I said, HUD2 needs a blue ribbon!
Pero wrote:
fuckin nub! quit the job, not the guild!!!
Airya > Peon (39) > 15/06/07 11:28
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i rly liek teh christams tree mod, were to downlaod?!!?!
Nara > Frequenter (293) > 21/06/07 11:35
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Who's Chasy? Surprised
An axe by any other name would cleave as sweet.
Sayana > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (697) > 21/06/07 11:47
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I don't know but I hope he luuuuvs mudkips.
Deition > Guest () > 26/06/07 15:42
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good i was looking for a new UI since i scewed mar's up after patch :p

can u plz put dl link b4 i go raiding 2night:)?(20;00)


Krissam > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (604) > 28/06/07 15:05
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awesome mod dude Smile
Kaarma > Peon (6) > 22/12/07 03:49
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cheers, bought a smile to my face today at least =)

blem > WANNABE TROLL (1020) > 22/12/07 16:23
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think mar got alot of spam about his ui and couldnt handle the prsure and went on "vacation" on the other side of the planet to get away form the fan boys
Dynah > "I TRIED MY BEST" (58) > 29/12/07 04:50
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Picture took to long to load /snore
Katsplosive > Peon (47) > 06/01/08 15:24
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Amazing, this looks exactly like the UI I use, except all my text is in comic sans
shaeltal > Frequenter (324) > 06/01/08 17:06
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fix the fkin loading time on that picture gimp!

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