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selkie > Peon (2) > 29/12/06 00:59
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does anyone know what castbar kheldan is using in the grand widow faerlina video?
Kheldan > "I TRIED MY BEST" (221) > 29/12/06 01:59
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Its called eCastingBar. In the faerlina video I used a plugin called Healers Assist - CastingBar.

eCastingBar changes the look of the casting bar and allows you to configure height, width and position.

Healers Assist - CastingBar gave you information about what target the heal was going to land on, expected amount healed, rank and in the video I had enabled an option that showed if there were any effects on the target that lessened the effect, like mortal strike etc. Since thats more of a PvP thing I disabled it again. Smile
There were also alot of other information you could choose to display on your eCastingBar.
Unfortunately this addon has not been updated for 2.0

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selkie > Peon (2) > 29/12/06 02:09
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ok thx alot
Nara > Frequenter (293) > 29/12/06 18:31
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+1 fanboi point for Kheldan
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Hornblower > Frequenter (300) > 29/12/06 23:09
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The Ace addon OCB is pretty much the same as eCastingBar. They look at feel the same and it's updated for 2.0.
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Dragonbane > Peon (2) > 27/08/07 17:41
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Anyone know what combat text that throws the damage u deal out to the sides?
ShaelTal > Guest () > 27/08/07 17:45
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Dragonbane wrote:
Anyone know what combat text that throws the damage u deal out to the sides?

sct / sctd, you can config where the dmg / healing / dots etc are shown.

scroll down to sct or get wowaceupdater.
Dragonbane > Peon (2) > 27/08/07 20:05
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ahh..i have sct..found it in the options..ty =)

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