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Mythic: Mythrax

Talz <16/10/18 14.33> 0 comments
EZ 4 heal game

Pic inc

Mythic: Fetid Devourer and Zul

Talz <02/10/18 21.31> 1 comments
Great job guys. Time to get crushed by Mythrax!

Mythic: Vectis and Zek'voz

Talz <19/09/18 14.53> 1 comments
First reset sees us reach 4/8 mythic, which is a great start to the tier.

Feels good to be back to progress raiding after a long period of Antorus farm.

Heroic: G'huun

Talz <11/09/18 00.23> 0 comments
A turtle made it to the water!

First raid day of the expansion and we've cleared heroic.

Looking forward to next week and the start of mythic progress.

Recruiting for Battle for Azeroth

Talz <09/07/18 02.23> 0 comments
Loot FTW needs you!

● Recruitment

Loot FTW is always on the look out for exceptional players
image - Death knight Open
image - Demon Hunter Open
image - Druid Open
image - Hunter Open
image - Mage Open
image - Monk Open
image - Paladin Open
image - Priest Open
image - Rogue Open
image - Shaman Open
image - Warlock Open
image - Warrior Open

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Recruiting for Battle for Azeroth (0 replies)
by Talz on 09/07/18 01:23

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