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Resnick > Peon (47) > 21/08/05 00:21
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Blessing of Salvation is an interesting spell. It's completely and totally meaningless in PvP. It's completely useless for a soloing Paladin. It's a minor (at best) imrprovement in a 5-man, PvE encounter.

For a raid encounter, where Aggro management can determine the outcome of a fight, it's an extremely powerful and advantageous spell.

As more and more raid encounters enter the game, and as aggro management plays a larger role in these encounters, it's obvious that spells like Blessing of Salvation need to be evaluated.

Now, the core of the controversy surrounding this spell is, of course, that the Alliance has it and the Horde does not. Let me take a moment to state that we do *NOT* expect all encounters to play the same for Horde and Alliance. In a perfect world, an *occassional* encounter will be easier (or more difficult) depending on whether or not you are Horde or Alliance. A good example of this is Magmadar. Some might argue that Magmadar is easier for the Alliance because of Fear Ward. Some might argue that he's easier for the Horde because of WotF. At the end of the day, both Horde and Alliance can beat the encounter. And it's not a drastic difference in difficulty. It is ok that sometimes the two sides are different -- if this wasn't ok, Starcraft wouldn't exist =P

But Blessing of Salvation is a different case. The spell translates through to any encounter where Taunt does not work (and to some degree, even encounters where Taunt does work).

We are aware that Blessing of Salvation is causing a sense of imbalance between the two factions. The recent addition of Taunt to the drakes in Blackwing Lair was *NOT* a solution for this problem. The Drakes needed Taunt (with the exception of Flamegor) because they have inherent anti-tank abilities to begin with.

But in the long run, we are analyzing Blessing of Salvation's overall impact on the Raid Game. At this point, the raid and dungeon designers are consulting directly with the Class Spells & Abilities team to determine what the next step will be. We will evaluate if BoS is too powerful or too weak. We will evaluate if the Horde has adequate aggro management solutions to match that of the Alliance. But it will take some time before any change is made. I will keep you informed of any developments that arise.

Our goal is not to favor Horde or Alliance here. Our goal is to provide our players with a fun experience, regardless of what side they chose at the Character Create Screen. Equally, our goal is to keep our raid encounters as fun and challenging as possible.
Roer > "I TRIED MY BEST" (188) > 21/08/05 03:52
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maybe change it with some totems :p
Talara (lvl 70 Night Elf Rogue)
Mirianna (lvl 70 Gnome Mage)
Taranna > Peon (37) > 21/08/05 09:35
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Roer wrote:
maybe change it with some totems :p

my thought exactly ...

BOS is overpowered whereas totem spamming is not ??
fesusfistus > Peon (10) > 22/08/05 21:23
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Hope they remove all paladin buffs.
Krissam > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (604) > 22/08/05 23:52
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hmm have i gotten this straight....
Earthbind = I win at razorgore
but BoS can't be i win anywhere?
Cyosis > GUILD MASTER (1337) > 24/08/05 15:03
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Fesus you're henceforth assigned to bom/bow the entire raid, -1dkp for each time a blessing runs out:P

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